The association German - Romanian Society for Integration and Migration SGRIM eV represents the concerns of the Romanian community in Munich, in particular the integration of new immigrants from Romania. It is conducting many projects for the benefit of the Romanian community. They are a dynamic, visionary and competent team and want to give a voice to the Romanian community in Munich.

The initiative was created to enable them to integrate equally into German society and to strengthen their participation. The highest principle is the expansion of personal responsibility by actively supporting and accompanying these new citizens in their new life situation.

SGRIM e.V. helps to solve many questions about integration, living and working in Germany and sees itself as a link between Romanian community and German society. In 2021, they conducted a project with which they aimed to convey all the advantages of sports culture. In addition to learning technical-tactical aspects in the practice of various sports, the main goals of the project "Development and Integration Through Sport" are the mental and emotional aspects as well as the teaching of the values of sport. The aim is to
develop a sports culture as a healthy way of life and to convey social and cultural integration.

Each training session develops different competences and skills in three phases:
1. Phase: Integrative Aspect
2. Phase: Motor Aspect
3. Phase: Mental And Emotional Aspect