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About Advan+AGE Project

The target groups of the 18-month project will consist of youth from various disadvantaged groups who have difficulty in adapting to society, such as youth who are exposed to violence, prone to crime, migrants/refugees, of different ethnic backgrounds, in need of protection, disabled, living in rural, underdeveloped or poor urban areas, growing up in the midst of political violence, and youth with very low socio-economic conditions, and their relatively advantaged peers.
The Advan+AGE project aims to promote the social integration of youth from the above-mentioned disadvantaged groups, who have limited opportunities and lack strong community ties, through volleyball. For this purpose, various cultural and educational activities are planned and it is aimed to create career pathways for young people in the target groups.
Other objectives of the project are to emphasize the importance of volleyball as a tool of inclusion to create equal opportunities among young people, to provide disadvantaged young people with an active and healthy lifestyle, to raise awareness of young people on their career paths and to help them gain the skills they can use on this path through volleyball.
Within the scope of the project, social cohesion among young people will be ensured through various environmental, educational and cultural activities, as well as volleyball activities that disadvantaged and relatively advantaged young people will perform together, and contribute to the elimination of barriers for “disadvantaged” young people among their peers.