Fix in Art

Anazitites Theatrou (Fix In Art) is mostly a self-funded sociο-cultural hub initiative. It is a vision, an idea, a place of culture, a shelter or even better a home for theatre, music, plastic arts, dance, movies, literature and every form of creative expression. But above all it’s a space where we still dream, we imagine and we create.

Our aim is to support creatives, amateurs, visionaries, nurture and culture collaborations, build bridges of mobility, support learning for people of all ages and backgrounds, promote modern culture and all of the above in a space that is open and accessible to all without prejudice, in a building which is considered one of the most important industrial monuments of Greece, the old FIX brewery.
It is a non-profit arts and culture community on a quest to enhance and promote artistic expression and opportunities that protects education, inclusivity, anti-oppression, non- violence, well being and peace while cultivating a community committed to this lifestyle.
It is structured in a way that is designed to involve three broader communities: creative audience, local artists and international artists. To achieve this, we have formed a dynamic community consisting of people of different personalities, nationalities, ages, educational levels and orientations.
As we connect, form synergies and learn how to work collectively, we create the conditions for the building to become a common good: a vibrant centre where the involved parties can communicate their social and artistic actions. Within the old beer brewery we currently have two venues, a black box underground theatre and a venue rigged with 10 rigging points for aerial arts , which we plan to use for our social circus project in 2022.
We currently inaugurated a new strand of our organisation M-eating Hub which aims at opening a small community space within FIX old Brewery dedicated to food and with this fight poverty and food insecurity through a multifactorial approach: social mixity, popular education, training, and economic development. Since our projects main purpose is social inclusion, anyone shall be able to come and share time and know-how with friends and family or to create new social ties, we want to transform it into an exemplar place, where you can dwell, work and entertain and which is open to the entire population of Thessaloniki, but in particular to people with lesser opportunities (money, mental or physical condition) and refugees, and in an organic, flowy way, facilitate the coexistence of all members of the Thessalonian society and place the faces of people and their lifestories, behind words, terms and situations, in a way creating and holding a space where there is place , and space for all to exist and share.
Our non-profit organization has been active since 2011. The purpose of the organization is to contribute to get the performing arts center position in education (formal or no-formal) and also to contribute to the search of approaches and techniques for theater as an art form and as educational tool. The organization places great emphasis on the development of educational and cultural projects in the promotion of non-formal and informal education, social and creative entrepreneurship and networking between organizations, to share experiences and enhance their potential.
Our vision is the Revival of old FIX factory, a landmark and historical monument of 24 000 sq.m. into a creativity idea factory that will foster all kinds of art. We are already using 3 200 sq.m. which we restored and brought back to life, In addition to the above since 2015 we are working on sustainable living , and we are trying to reach a point that our project will be zero waste, as well as all the activities we will be implementing, which is a very ambitious goal by 2023.