Turkish Volleyball Federation was founded in 1958. It is functioning under the umbrella of FIVB (Fédération International De Volleyball), CEV (Confédération Européenne De Volleyball) and BVA (Balkan Volleyball Association).

Center office being in Ankara, Turkish Volleyball Federation has offices in 5 cities namely Ankara, İstanbul, İzmir, Bursa and Antalya.
There are approximately over 100 paid personnels working professionally.
Federation consists of the main below departments;
- International Relations and Organisations (responsible from all international volleyball-beach volleyball and snow volleyball events in Türkiye and outside of Türkiye related to national teams and club teams),
- Leagues and Technical Affairs (responsible from the technical part of all events run under the federation umbrella and national league, play-offs-Turkish Cups etc.),
- Financial and Administrative Affairs (responsible from all human resources, finance, administrative works etc),
- Communication and Marketing (responsible from all press affairs, marketing issues, promotional activities and
sponsorships, social media etc),
- National Team Coordination (working with international relations and organizations department to realise all national team
activities throughout the season)
- Institution Secretariat (responsible secretariat from coaches and referees affairs and working under the chair of secretary
- Fabrika Voleybol (volleyball school organization which educates so many kids between the age of 6-12 and help them to meet with volleyball before their professional sports career. It has many branches in 35 centers of Türkiye with nearly 3000 students).
Turkish Volleyball Federation, has been a partner of two Erasmus+ projects funded by EACEA with the target group of children, one of them has been completed and the other one is being conducted currently. These two projects have contributed to the experience and capacity of TVF to write and manage its own projects as the Coordinator.
The first project completed, European Union Erasmus+ Sit2Play, is a project which brings 'sitting volleyball' to schools and aims the inclusion of both abled and disabled children by training and playing volleyball in mixed teams. As an output of the project, “playing sitting volleyball in mixed teams of abled and disabled children” became a branch for the “school sports” in Türkiye after the completion of the project.
The second project which is currently performed by TVF as a partner, Erasmus+ Sport4Rules, aims to combat violence, racism, intolerance and discrimination in sport and to improve the role of referees positively by developing positive actions.
The goal of TVF in terms of Advan+AGE is to be beneficial to the needs of the target individuals by realizing the project writing and implementation with the experience gained, and to improve the cooperation with the institutions of project partners and to ensure that many innovative ideas across Europe bring benefits to the individuals and society in need through projects. The project addresses the priority areas mentioned in the Erasmus+ Programme Guide; "inclusion and diversity in all fields of education, training, youth and sport". Specific priority will be given to; connecting and empowering young people, promoting youth participating in various scales and youth at risk of social exclusion. Notably; the project aims to promote active citizenship, as well as young people's initiative, creative learning and social entrepreneurship spirit. Intercultural dialogue will be provided between the young people. The project will address recognition of diversity in all aspects and during each activity. Recognition of youth work and strengthening employability of young people will be provided by also preventing racism and intolerance among youth with the aim to reach marginalized young people. Project will provide digitalisation opportunities in various aspects.