The Introductory Meeting of the Advantage Project was Held

The first meeting of the Erasmus+ Youth Program "Advan+AGE" project, coordinated by the Turkish Volleyball Federation (TVF), took place today in Ankara. The meeting brought together TVF Vice President Alper Sedat AslandaƟ, the TVF project team, and representatives from Ankara University. Other project partners participated in the meeting online. During the meeting, the project's overall framework was discussed, and there was an exchange of ideas regarding the project's process management.

The project will be implemented by 5 partner institutions from 4 different countries.

Turkish Volleyball Federation (Coordinator-Turkiye)
Anazitites Theatrou (Fix in Art) NGO (Greece)
Ankara University (Turkiye)
Italian Volleyball Federation (Italy)
SGRIM NGO (Germany)

About the Advan+AGE Project

The project, which will last for 18 months, aims to include various disadvantaged groups of young people who have difficulty in adapting to society, such as those exposed to violence, prone to crime, immigrants/refugees, of different ethnic backgrounds, in need of protection, disabled, living in rural areas, underdeveloped regions, or poor urban areas, as well as their relatively advantaged peers.

Through the Advan+AGE project, the goal is to achieve social integration for young people belonging to various disadvantaged groups with limited resources and weak community ties, as listed above, with the help of volleyball. In line with this objective, various cultural and educational activities are planned, with the aim of creating career paths for young people within the target groups.

The other objectives of the project include emphasizing the importance of volleyball as an inclusion tool to create equal opportunities among young people, providing disadvantaged youth with an active and healthy lifestyle, increasing awareness of career paths for young people and helping them acquire skills they can use in this regard through volleyball.
Within the scope of the project, alongside volleyball activities conducted by disadvantaged and relatively advantaged youth, various environmental, educational, and cultural activities will be organized to promote social cohesion among young people and contribute to the removal of barriers for "disadvantaged" youth among their peers.